INSULATION IN PERIOD PROPERTIES Is insulation helpful or harmful?

INSULATION IN PERIOD PROPERTIES Is insulation helpful or harmful?

Insulating a property is essential for comfort, for energy efficiency, for the long term protection of our homes. In the UK it’s a given that new builds will be constructed adhering to current insulation regulations and standards.

But what if your property is old, a period building of brick or stone construction? Modern day materials and techniques
used to insulate external walls can actually cause long-term, sometimes irreparable damage to your home.

Period properties were constructed with materials that were designed to breathe; this allowed for moisture to pass
through the structure naturally. Insulating with non-breathable materials can trap moisture in the property and can
lead to severe damp problems.

Using natural, breathable materials like lime, cork, hemp and wood fibre in the insulation process, allows vapour to
pass through the structure of the building, reducing the risk of damp.

What if external wall insulation is not possible? Internal wall insulation is the solution, but there are risks. Before any insulation/remedial works take place it’s vital to understand the heat and moisture management of the building structure. Our highly skilled professionals will
thoroughly assess your property and develop an appropriate solution.

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