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We have worked on many projects, below are a few samples of the works which we have carried out

Eco-Extension with monolithic ceramic block system – Hemel Hempstead

Extension built with monolithic ceramic blocks and insulated externally with woodfibre boards to make it highy energy efficient and eco-friendly.

Low energy extension,  loft conversion and EWI with I-joists – Walthamstow

Highly insulated, air-tight loft conversion and rear extension completed according to Passive-House/EnerPHit guildlines, including floor, roof and both internal & external wall insulations. EWI insulation was installed using I-joists.

Old Town Eco-Extension – St Albans

This timber frame extension sits on helical screw pile foundation and is filled with Warmcel cellulose insulation.

ENERPHIT project – Muswell Hill

We have sucessfully completed a deep retrofit in a Victorian terraced house, upgrade to Enerphit level. Insulation to be used include Diathonite lime-cork system and Warmcel cellulose.

The Tudor project

Full renovation of this beautiful listed building from the 16th century, including structural works, natural insulations (lime-cork, woodfibre), lime plastering, electrics, plumbing joinery, etc

The Hemp House project

A newbuild timber frame detached house where we built up the walls with hemp-lime (hempcrete) –  wet-cast on site. 


The Belsize Park project

Full renovation of an Edwardian terraced house in Belsize Park.



Ecological insulation works

We insulated the walls for this Victorian property with Diathonite lime-cork insulating plaster and we used NBT Pavatex woodfibre system for the roof.

External wall insulation with         lime-cork

The gable wall of this victorian property has been rendered with cement, causing dampness and the degradation of the brickwork. We insulated the wall with a breathable lime and cork based render called Diathonite Evolution. An ecological and healthy way for insulating old houses.

Listed Building roof insulation with lime-cork

We insulated the roof structure of this listed building by adding a thermal plaster and lath system between the rafters. It could accomodate easily to the curving old rafters.

Internal Wall Insulation

We applied the Diathonite cork lime render as an Internal wall Insulation system for insulating this Georgian property in Islington.

Loft refurbishment

Air-tightness, insulation and loft re-modelling in a farmhouse.

Listed Building external insulating render – Harrow

Traditional rough-cast render replica, using cork-lime insulating render and dash-finish, fully accepted by the Conservation Officer.

External wall insulation with cork boards – London

Cork boards installed externally onto brick walls, finished with breathable silicon render. This system was completed with a 50mm XPS plinth insulation with mosaic render to reduce the heat loss around the ground floor.

Garage conversion with hempcrete

When converting this garage to an office room, we used hempcrete (hemp-lime) as internal wall insulation.  A simple garage conversion can also be carried out in a more sustainable way…

Listed building insulation,  woodfibre, jute, lath and lime plaster

The Pavatex woodfibre insulation is a  robust system for roofs – suitable for this listed building in Rickmansworth.

Extension with Hempcrete blocks – London

Hempcrete blocks used to build this large extension, instead of brick cavity walls, finished with breathable silicon render.

EWI with mineral wool and silicone render – Hemel Hempstead

The old pebble dash render was replaced with mineral wool insulation boards and a clean, white, breathable silicone render finish – no need to paint either!

Oak framed extension – Guildford

An old conservatory was transformed into a beautiful oak framed extension with thick woodfibre insulation all around and a green roof on top to provide insulation against cold as well as hot weather condtions.

Listed cottage full refurbishment – Penn

Traditional cottage trasformed to a modern living space with geocell floor insulation and underfloor heating.

What Our Customers Are Saying

We pride ourselves on delivering incredible customer satisfaction 

Very professional and knowledgeable. The site was left immaculate every evening.

The job was completed quickly and any hitches along the way were solved quickly by Adam without any drama! 

Our house looks amazing, and is noticeably warmer
Many thanks.

Kerry Armorgie

Exceptional Service! I asked for the company to come to give me a quote on an insulation job. Adam attended and was amazing.

He was very knowledgeable and offered lots of information and advice enabling me to make an informed decision about what would be best to insulate my property.

He suggested cavity insulation even though this is not a service his company provide. This showed that he is not about the money but is genuinely interested in helping customers for this reason I felt compelled to write a review.

Mauline Vernon

Adam Iles and Eco-Renovation UK provided an amazing service, travelling from Hemel Hempstead to Southampton with his team.

The cost was very reasonable too. He combines his knowledge with efficiency and cheerfulness, and simply gets on with the job without fuss and with cost savings always in mind.

I was very impressed and would definitely recommend Eco-Renovation if you are looking for specialist insulation works using an ecological construction.

Anna Steinitz

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